2013 Sea-Doo Move I with iCatch

In stock! In black only.
Galvanized pictured but black powdercoat in stock only. SEA-DOO MOVE TRAILER FAMILY - SAFE FAST AND SIMPLE

When it comes to personal watercraft the real fun starts in the water. But how can you get there faster? BRP's Move Trailer Family surpasses the competition with never seen before industry firsts that allow consumers to spend less time on the ramp and more time in the water. Safe fast and simple to use the Sea-Doo Move Trailer lineup includes seven trailers (five simple and two double) build to fulfill every consumer's needs but also every budget.


Automatic iCatch and release system using a quick-snap handle built into the handle support eases manipulation and process of loading and unloading watercraft. Premium torsion suspension system provides low ride height and better handling.